If you have deep pockets, you can utilise this strategy to hit big.

You need to have placed a bet on the winning 2 Rolls/4 Rolls space to qualify for the bonus game. This is the opposite of the Play It Safe strategy where you exclusively make bets on the bonus game spaces. This strategy means that you never miss a chance to qualify for the bonus games. Place any valued bet on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls and stroll down the Boulevard whenever it is activated. If you have deep pockets, you can utilise this strategy to hit big.

monopoly live stats

If the Monopoly Live wheel is not rigged, then over many rounds, sector 1 should win in about 40.74% of spins, sector 2 in 27.78%, and so on. So let’s take the stats for many spins and check the honesty of the Evolution provider. Some dishonest online casinos configure their slots to give a lower return to player (RTP). But there is no way for a casino to rig the Monopoly Live wheel. Experienced players among you will know that this is a significant departure from conventions found in most wheel-based game shows.

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A run of 9 consecutive heads does not mean that tails are statistically more likely to come up next. The probability of tails is always 50% because the coin has no memory. Similarly, the gambling wheel in the Monopoly Live show has no memory. It is therefore completely useless to track the history of the spins. The fact that heads come up about half the time does not allow you to predict the outcome of the next toss. If, for example, their money wheel for Monopoly Life were rigged to land more often on number 1, we would see it in the real statistics. We can see that the actual stats for a large number of spins (more than 40 thousand!) correspond well to the calculated ones.

  • If we take the history of the games over several months, the match is even better.
  • That’s why this article will present you with a comprehensive guide to the statistics of Evolution’s Monopoly Live, what they mean, and which bits of data are useful.
  • Spin the wheel and join the live casino action from anywhere as Monopoly Live is fully compatible on all iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • This article is, after all, about how to use these stats trackers to win more money when you do win and how to lose less frequently by not placing the wrong bet.
  • The minimum and maximum bet values may also vary depending on the online casino where you play Monopoly Live.

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How to Use Monopoly Live Stats Trackers

To know when the bonus round is ‘due’, we first have to know how often it is expected to hit in the first place. To read more about the bonus round, including a video review, visit my Monopoly Live Strategy page. In this article, I will explain why people use results trackers, whether they are using them properly, and if not, what is the correct way to use them.

monopoly live stats

It’s like having your own personal window into the world of Monopoly Live. One of the key features of Tracksino is its comprehensive spin history tracker. This tool allows you to view the results of each spin, including the segment the wheel landed on, any bonus games triggered, and the corresponding payouts. By analyzing the spin history, you can identify patterns, trends, and hot segments, which can help you make more informed betting decisions. The Return to Player Percentage (RTP) is typically calculated over a minimum of one billion spins and constitutes an average.

Which segment of the Monopoly Live wheel is the most profitable?

Deposit $10 or more and get a cash bonus for any losses during that same day. Chance, however, is an interesting feature that can potentially online casino monopoly live change the whole picture. It’s not a bet per se, but it can significantly improve the payout of any other bet by a factor of 4, 8, or 12.

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Bonus Game- During the bonus game, you are transported to the Monopoly board and awarded 2/4 rolls on the dice. Mr Monopoly will start at Pass Go, the two dice are rolled, and Mr Monopoly will move around the board collecting the multiplier of any space he lands on. If you roll a double, then you get an extra roll to collect even more. The round ends once all rolls have been used with the final accumulated multiplier being applied to your activating bet. 2 Rolls/4 Rolls- Monopoly Live features a bonus game that can be activated by placing a bet on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls space betting space. Once the wheel lands on a 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls space, the bonus game is activated.

#3- Bonus Game Bonanza

Discover all the top strategies to maximising your time on the Boulevard. Now that we have explored the features of Tracksino and how it allows you to track and history, let’s discuss the benefits of utilizing this tool. This is an all-in bet with just a 1 in 54 chance of coming in.

Very High Volatility Strategy

When the wheel stops on a ‘Chance’ or ‘Community Chest’ segment, players receive a random card that can award a cash prize, a multiplier, or a fee. You will find out which segments of the wheel of fortune are the most profitable and how often they win. Then we will look at the fairness of the Monopoly Live game based on actual long-term statistics.